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Discussion in 'Current Medical Students' started by sssmed, Jan 10, 2017.

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    Jan 10, 2017
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    I'm new to this forum and a first year at medical school. I'm a grad so expected to find it all really easy but I was down with sickness for most of the first term and just so exhausted that I'm doing extremely badly in my exams and am very far behind.

    I've seen my tutor today who is encouraging me to quit my weekend job in order to get out of the 'red zone' but the very first thing I want to do is to get hold of McQs so that I can test whether the work I have done is paying dividends, or if my entire technique is off.

    I've been looking for pre-clinical McQs that I am happy to pay for but there are just so many websites and companies out there trying to sell me a subscription.

    Is there anybody who has used good companies they can recommend?

    Many thanks!
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    I fround PasTest quiet good

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