Which foundation rotations are most popular/competitive?


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Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone knew which rotations for FY1 and FY2 were most popular? I wanted to do lots of specialties i.e. O&G, Paeds, Psych maybe even GP and A&E too! Are these all quite popular or do people tend to go for general med/surg?

I really want a psych rotation, are these popular?

Hoping to SCRAPE into London so don't want to screw myself over and end up with general rotations that I don't want...wondering if it is better to go to Oxford and be further up the pecking order so might have a better chance as getting my preferred specialities. Any thoughts?

Also, does anyone have any idea what a supernumerary post is? Apparently it is all the specialties I've mentioned and they are more observerships AND they are unbanded. Is this true?