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    I am hoping to apply to GEM at Notts.
    I have work experience in healthcare.
    The problem is, I left my job. The employer was deducting money from staff wages (unlawful deductions) so I took the employer to a tribunal (I won).

    The case was messy. The employer made false counter allegations against me (gross misconduct) in order to divert the attention of the tribunal. The judge dismissed these as not pertinent to the case.

    I understand that relevant work experience is critical to being offered an interview with Notts. I am concerned that if I name my former employer on the UCAS app, and Notts then contact the employer, the false allegations will be repeated by the employer to the admission staff at Notts.

    In case anyone is wondering, the employer asked me to return to work after making the allegations (why would anyone do this if the allegations were true, which they were not?). The alleged acts were so serious that had they been true, I may have been struck off the professional register (I am a nurse). In actual fact, I am still on the register as the false allegations were obviously never reported.

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