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    Hi all,
    I hope you're having a great day.

    I'm struggling to find work experience in a hospital/ gp setting, I've emailed many hospitals and even tried to get into contact with consultants however I don't seem to be getting any responses. I know staff are busy and they probably receive many others seeking experience too however I really need to get some experience to support my PS.
    I honestly want experience because I do genuinely want to see what doctors do first hand rather than just applying without really experiencing what a career in medicine looks like.

    I'm 19 and won't be applying until 2018. As I'm serious about medicine and will be older than other applicants (applying for the undergraduate course) I need to ensure I'm using my time wisely. I've taken a gap year but have been working. I'm quite beaten down by the fact that I've been applying for about 3 months now to different hospitals but I know it's too late due to them usually taking volunteers/students on in the summer.

    So I'm seeking some advice on what to do, I'm certainly looking to get some long term experience in a care home or hospice and perhaps a pharmacy. Although I really want hospital work / volunteer experience. I'm not even fussy over what department as I'd be grateful enough to get experience shadowing any consultant/ junior doctor. Likewise volunteering.
    Luckily I have till I apply in 2018 to get some experience but with UKCAT and perhaps other things I want to make sure I use all the time I have left wisely and in support of a strong application.

    So please, feel free to advise me on what I can/ should do? By the way I have no family members that are doctors/ know doctors. I don't know any friends that do and being young many of my friends can't be of any help in this process.
    Many hospitals are limiting with their work experience, only being available to those who are current students aged 16-18 and having to be from that borough. This makes my options very limiting as I'm not a student and limited to a borough that only wants school students.

    How did you go about getting work experience?
    I'm finding it quite difficult but I'm willing to keep trying and be patient.
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