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If feasible, when is a good time to 'sauter la Manche'? I'm starting a 4 year fast- track this autumn at Newcastle but know that as a long-standing francophile, girlfriend included, and the recent reminder of sunshine's effect on my mental health, more southerly France will forever be a very appealing plan B as a place to live and work.

If I was to go down this route, I'd no doubt pay some dues to the taxpayer and complete my foundation years, then start to specialise, probably doing RC exams etc. My question is- if I have started to specialise here, could I apply for stages de troisieme cycle des etudes medicales (obviously within the same specialty) or would I need to take l'examen classant national (no thanks)?

Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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If you understand well French I'd advice you to go onto this forum:
REMEDE : Tout sur les études de médecine pour les étudiants where you can find the answers to your questions for sure.
It talks about medicine in many EU countries, among which France
As a EU citizen you will have to sit for the ECN for European graduates graduates if I am not mistaken
On the other side you could wait until you reach are done with your specialty training and then directly set up your private practice in France without taking any exam (EU regulations).
For instance: you do FYs +GP training for 3 years then you can directly settle down in France.
I thinnk it might be better because the ECN for Europeans is very tough, it's in French, and there are few spots available each year.

Hope this helps!

Bonne chance et bon courage!



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Thanks, I've had a peek at remede and it's a good source of info. Yep, seems best finishing specialist training as the exam seems like too much of a stinker. What's your story?